Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Man Who Saved The World mentioned in this months Wire magazine

The Man Who Saved The World was mentioned in this months edition of The Wire:
While Leeds' recent high profile commissions] are worthy they appear to be weighed down by their civic duty, and are vulnerable to cuts in the current economic climate. In contrast, one cannot underestimate the importance of self-funded events such as The Man Who Saved The World, a daring film/gig event featuring Home of the Brave, a Morricone-inspired jazz Improv outfit featuring Joost Hendrixx (drums), Seth Bennett (bass), Richard Ormrod (sax) and Jonny Flockton (guitar). The project finds the group placed at the centre of a vast vacated TK Maxx store, surrounded by a ten-screen recombination of a film dubbed The Turkish Star Wars, chopped up and re-presented by Eoin Shea. The original material itself is a bizarre mash-up of men with tinfoil swords running around a desert intercut with stolen frames from Star Wars, the perfect backdrop for the Spaghetti Western surrealism of Home of the Brave.
Thank you to Bruce Davies.