Thursday, 17 November 2011

Corridor8 magazine issue 3 frontispiece

Paper collage illustration to be published in the forthcoming four-part third issue of Corridor8 magazine, the first part entitled Space Frontiers. The first part will be launched at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle on the 8th December.

GHOSTS A Tribute to Albert Ayler, video excerpt

Short excerpt from the recent show GHOSTS A Tribute to Albert Ayler. Full documentation to be made available in the very near future on its own dedicated website.

Same video also available here.

GHOSTS A Tribute to Albert Ayler - Paul Hession & Leon Johnson, Eoin Shea & Derek Horton; October 7 2011; Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, UK

Documentation of GHOSTS A Tribute to Albert Ayler, the first performance of a collaborative project between Paul Hession (drums), Leon Johnson (sax), Eoin Shea (video) and Derek Horton (video). Typography used in videos designed by Andrew Wilson Lambeth and New York location footage shot by Les Joynes. Full video documentation to follow.