Saturday, 26 July 2008

Like Music But Boring - friday 8th august at the commonplace leeds

Like Music But Boring is an evening of 'sound art' currated by Laurence
Moxon Byrne. A screening of
Untitled (silversluceandsmog) will accompany this night with the possibility of selected sections from Syrian Rue. These will be 'closed' showings by which I mean the audio will be the prerecorded audio and not a live performance.

Here is the full lineup:

Sound art performances from:

Jez riley French (Hull) - field recordings/intuitive music

These Mountains (Leeds) - minimal guitar/field recordings

Tillykke Kattemor (Hebden Bridge) - no-input jams

Edmund Cook (London) - hi-hat circles

Eoin Shea (Leeds) - 'mind-melting' visuals

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Untitled (silversluceandsmog)

Clip from latest film piece, Silversluceandsmog. The film features music by Ashtray Navigations kindly supplied by Phil Todd and comes from an old album called Four More Ragga Moods. Available on 3" DVD soon. Contact for a copy.