Saturday, 26 July 2008

Like Music But Boring - friday 8th august at the commonplace leeds

Like Music But Boring is an evening of 'sound art' currated by Laurence
Moxon Byrne. A screening of
Untitled (silversluceandsmog) will accompany this night with the possibility of selected sections from Syrian Rue. These will be 'closed' showings by which I mean the audio will be the prerecorded audio and not a live performance.

Here is the full lineup:

Sound art performances from:

Jez riley French (Hull) - field recordings/intuitive music

These Mountains (Leeds) - minimal guitar/field recordings

Tillykke Kattemor (Hebden Bridge) - no-input jams

Edmund Cook (London) - hi-hat circles

Eoin Shea (Leeds) - 'mind-melting' visuals

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