Friday, 3 September 2010

The Man Who Saved The World - The old TK Maxx shopping space, 23rd Spetember, Leeds

The Man Who Saved The World is a one night event curated by Eoin Shea. Home of the Brave will be performing their free-jazz infected renditions of the classic western theme tunes to a ten screen circular cinema of geometrically edited versions of Dunyari Kurtaran Adam (known also as Turkish Star Wars for the directors shameless use of scenes from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope in place of otherwise unaffordable original special effects). Derek Horton has written a specially commissioned text, We're all astronauts, always have been..., which will be available on the night in a hand-bound edition of 100.

The event will take place in the 22,000 sq foot abandoned shell of the former TK Maxx shopping space in Leeds city centre.

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